We enable a comprehensive health narrative through high-yield, actionable insights

Sure, snapshots of patient progress are helpful. But what if there was a way to paint a more vivid and representative picture of your patients and their health? Data Minded Solutions connects care teams and patients beyond the point of care so that you can more proactively and efficiently manage the health of your patients. 


What We Do


We curate, ship and provide comprehensive support for best-in-class wearables and FDA-approved smart devices customized to each patient.


We increase functionality within your workflow by inserting meaningful patient insights directly into your existing electronic medical record.


We don’t add to the noise. Curated, timely insights from your patients provide you with additional, high-quality information to enrich your clinical judgement.

Why it Works


Our platform delivers robust, HIPAA-compliant security and privacy functionality out of the box.

Our knowledgeable support staff is here for you and your patients. We handle it all from initial setup and device training through ongoing technical support.


Our tools maximize your care team’s success by introducing a new, comprehensive perspective of your patients’ health.

Who We Support


Jerome Aya-ay, MD
Palmetto Proactive Healthcare, Greenville SC

Our patients inspired us to take our practice further... technology will enable us to engage and care for our patients beyond the time spent within the walls of our clinic.