Palmetto Proactive Healthcare

This successful primary care practice relies on Data Minded Solutions to deliver efficient, personalized care.

Jerome Aya-ay, MD
A Data Minded Solutions partner since 2015

Selecting and Implementing Data Minded Solutions:

“Our patients inspired us to take our practice further digitally. We feel that today's and tomorrow's technology will enable us to engage and care for our patients beyond the time spent within the walls of our clinic.”

A Seamless Singular Solution:

“Data Minded Solutions was easy to adopt because the platform is integrated into my pre-existing EHR. This feature is very important - to have technology integrated into my EHR allows me and my providers to view and engage information from one source.”

Connected Care:

“The insights written into each patient record make the biggest difference in the care I deliver. It enables us to get patients to work on and achieve our goals faster.”

Continuous Clarity:

“We believe (and patients have said) that by extending our "watch" beyond the walls of our clinic it shows that we care. We care enough to give our patients this technology to help each individual move toward better health. Beyond obtaining actionable data, this technology creates a sense of community with our office staff as well as patient / physician accountability.”

Comprehensive Support:

“Data Minded Solutions has been very responsive to our questions and concerns. In fact, they have been proactive in their approach to engaging our practice and our patients.”